F2F and Choose Houston Virtual Club games

Live for Clubs

Live for Clubs reflects the Masterpoint awards for all games, including our F2F games and Virtual Club games.*

Click here to see the Live for Clubs results: 

The CommonGame

CLBC uses Common Game deals ONLY in the Choose Houston Virtual Club games.  Common Game provides great game review options but to verify upgraded masterpoint awards, please check Live for Clubs.

These results show the final standing of the game with pre-dealt hands and offer good post-game review tools:

  • Printable Hand Record
  • Pair Scorecards
  • Review of Boards which shows the bidding and play at all tables.

Click here for The Common Game results: 



Using The Common Game to Review

CLBC has subscribed to The Common Game for the benefit of our Membership.  It has features to help players review their game.  In general, all items on the Results page that are in BLUE PRINT are active fields.  Click on these to take you to:

PDF for a printable Hand Record

PAIR NUMBER for a Pair Score Card

FOUR NAMES OF PLAYERS on a deal will take you to the Bidding and Playing of a Board.  

  • This is such a strong feature!  Go back, review the bidding and review the play.  How does that compare to Pairs who got a better score?
  • Keep in mind that defenders also affect the outcome.  A strong defense may hurt your score on any particular deal.

We encourage all Members to use these great tools.  But especially for our newer players, a post-game review is one of the constructive efforts to improve your game.  

A helpful hint:

All games in the same time slot use the exact deals.  Our 199ers and 499ers can access the game results from the Open Game and select one of our many excellent players to review how THEY BID and PLAYED a hand.  

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BBO Score Corrections

BBO restricts Score Corrections to a post-game window of 20 minutes.

For a concern/question/correction the person to contact is the VACB Director.  A link to that person is always listed in the Details section of pending games.  Our Directors provide a link as the game nears its end.  Make note of how to reach them so as soon as the game is over you can contact them.

CLBC-GBC is identified as VACB226415


  • Be aware that the BBO score that posts immediately following a game may not be final.  As mentioned, players are able to seek corrections for 20 minutes after the game.  Changes will affect other scores.
  • The BBO point awards are not the final ACBL Masterpoints.  The ONLY place to see the final Masterpoint Awards for a Virtual Club game is at Live for Clubs.  The reason for the variance is that it is ACBL who does the programming that calculates upgraded awards for Special Events (DOUBLE, SILVER, GOLD)

Club Scores

Scores for games played in person at Clear Lake Bridge Club are recorded on the Unit 174 Score Calendar and can be accessed by clicking this link:



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