Mentor-Mentee Program

 Our most popular game!

Game Plan:

  • Third (3rd) Wednesday of every month at 2:00 PM. 
  • Mentors play FREE
  • Mentee cost is $12.00 (which covers the cost of the Partnership).
  • Reservations required.  Please use contact form to the right if you do not receive an email about the upcoming game and would like to participate.
  • Lunch provided free for those who made reservations!
  • 199er Pairs are welcomed to play without a Mentor...this time slot is their usual game.  The 199er pairs are asked to sign up on the Reservation sheet so table movements can be set in advance...then join us for lunch!

Game Model:

  • Regular Duplicate Game - NOT a classroom setting.
  • Normal Open Game Stratification is applied.
  • Black Points are awarded..when the game is offered during an ACBL special event week, the point awards are elevated
  • Partnership plays the Mentee's Convention Card.
  • Only QUICK observations maybe be mentioned during the game.
  • Partnerships can do hand analysis after the game.
  • Mentee Qualifications:
    • Less than 750 Masterpoints
    • Non-Life Master
  • Mentor Qualifications:
    • Understanding of Modern Bidding systems
    • Willing to play Mentees Convention Card
    • Encouraging, patient and helpful...willing to review 1-3 hands AFTER the game.

Program Manager:

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Meet our Mentor Mentee Program Manager!



Meet Marcia Chambliss, our Mentor Mentee Program Manager! Marcia also represents our CLBC Intermediate & Newcomer players on our Board! She is VERY BUSY...and MOST APPRECIATED!

Do you have a few spare minutes each month to assist Marcia?  

Managing the Mentor Program requires a lot of worK:

  • Managing Partnerships (are you a natural Match Maker?)
  • Creating GAME-DAY stratification spreadsheets for the Partnerships
  • Overseeing the Reservation SIGN UP sheet at the Club.
  • Luncheon for one of our most popular small feat!


[email protected]



Mentor-Mentee Program Managers

If you are interested in being either a Mentor OR a Mentee please contact us. Marcia Chambliss manages the Once-a-Month game and will see about connecting you. Complete the below form if you would like to participate in this wonderful program

Our wonderful Mentor/Mentee Program…THANK YOU to Karen Jones!

Karen Jones has contributed so much to our Mentor/Mentee programs over the last 5 years...we want to take a moment to thank her for a great program! 


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