June 19th Fundraiser!

Bid in the Silent Auction to play with one of the great players!  

Bid sheets posted on the wall at CLBC until June 17th at 2:00.

Longest Day 2024 Stars!

  • Dolores Aquino - Diamond Life Master

    Bid to play: Jun 19 AM & PM

    Dolores is ACBL certified as both Teacher and Club Director.

    In 2020 she won the national awards for both the Mini McKenney and Ace of Clubs awards.

    Dolores has been in the top 100 of the Barry Crane Top 500 list for each year since 2020. She previously
    served on the Unit 174 Board.

  • Irene Baker - Gold Life Master

    Bid to play: Later Date set by Pair.

    Irene is a native Houstonian born at St. Joseph’s

    Her job was teaching history and government. Three people in her teachers’ lounge needed a 4th for bridge…thankfully!

    She began playing duplicate at the Pasadena
    Bridge Club and later moved to the Clear Lake Bridge

    Her favorite activity besides duplicate bridge is

  • Dana Brown - Sapphire Life Master

    Bid to play: Later date set by Pair.

    Dana learned the basic rules of bridge in college.
    She played social bridge sporadically throughout the
    With spouse Nelson‘s encouragement, Dana started
    playing duplicate bridge more than 25 years ago. Her goal has always been to try to improve and be a student of the game.

    As a retired high school teacher, Dana is rewarded
    by encouraging newer players to enjoy the game as they improve their skills.

    Dana is a founding member of CLBC.

  • Nelson Brown - Sapphire Life Master

    Bid to play: Later date set by Pair.

    Nelson learned to play bridge in college.
    After college he got busy with life and stopped
    playing bridge until he started playing with spouse Dana 30 years ago.

    Today bridge has become, along with golf,
    one of his favorite pastimes. Over the years he
    enjoyed playing with regular partners, Dana, Joe
    Choate, Ida Morrow, Edith Reid, and Joe Giovannangeli.

    Nelson loves bridge and enjoys playing in the Mentor/Mentee games with less experienced players who are trying to improve their games.

    Nelson is a founding member of CLBC and our first President.

  • Clif Capen - Diamond Life Master

    Bid to play: June 19th AM

    Clif Capen started playing duplicate bridge at LSU.

    He retired in 2011 from teaching history at La Porte High School.

    Clif moved to Baytown in 2004 and recently joined the Clear Lake Bridge Club.

    Welcome Clif to CLBC by playing with him in our Longest Day game!

  • Bob Dowlen - Gold Life Master

    Bid to play: June 19th PM

    Bob was introduced to bridge in 2004 when he took a class from Dave Glandorf. He was lucky to partner with some very good bridge players.

    Bob served on the CLBC Board and Unit 174 Board. He did many of the more important and glamorous tournament tasks such as setting up tables, chairs and bidding boxes. He even served as the Unit Trash Can Coordinator. (He was also President of the Unit Board and the CLBC Boards.) Bob feels we should all give something back to the bridge community.

    “To improve your bridge game don’t make any
    unnecessary mistakes. Losing your concentration or inattention are the worst bridge mistakes you can make. Don't forget: If the only way you can make
    your contract is for a finesse to work...take it!”

  • Chuck Ensor - Sapphire Life Master

    Bid to play: Jun 19 AM & PM

    Chuck started playing bridge as a teenager and played in college. He retired in 2002 and decided he and spouse Judy should learn to play duplicate so enrolled both in Dave Glandorf’s beginner class.

    While taking Dave’s class, Chuck started playing in the CLBC open game. At the end of the year, he finally earned 0.23 masterpoints. Chuck was thrilled to scratch for the first time after several futile months. He continued Dave’s classes, even taking some of them twice and started playing regularly. Duplicate became a major part of his life and he always has fun.

    Chuck served on the Unit Board and CLBC Board. On both Boards, Chuck served as President…we are grateful for his service.

    Chuck is a chemical engineer. He grew up near
    Philadelphia and lived in many states but finally
    got to Texas as quickly as possible. His other
    interests include tennis and foreign and US travel.

  • Joe Giovannangeli - Sapphire Life Master

    Bid to play: Later date set by Pair.

    Joe has been playing bridge for a very
    long time…and it shows in his expertise.

    Joe has given private lessons to Members of our club and will graciously answer bid/play questions at the end of a round…if asked.

    Joe plays and teaches an aggressive style of play so pay attention and learn! Or see him on the golf course -🏌🏻‍♂️- Joe has lots of talents!

  • Dave Glandorf - Ruby Life Master

    Bid to play: Jun 19 AM & PM

    Dave began playing bridge in college. Upon graduation he moved to Clear Lake and
    began playing duplicate.
    He joined ACBL on October 1, 1984.

    Dave has been teaching bridge at CLBC since 2002. To date, he has taught 805 students.

    His bridge credentials include:
    American Bridge Teacher's Association - Masterpoint Press Teacher of the Year
    ACBL District 16 Teacher of the Year
    ABTA Master Teacher

  • Charles Hilding - Sapphire Life Master

    Bid to play: Jun 19 AM & PM

    Charles Hilding has been a member of Clear Lake Bridge Club for ten years.

    He enjoys playing and was Game Director for many of those years.

    Charles is always a gracious partner and opponent. Says Charles: “Clear Lake Bridge Club is one of the best in the nation.”

  • Bill Houck - Gold Life Master

    Bid to play: June 19th AM

    Bill was raised on a small dairy farm in New York. He graduated from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, New York.

    After graduation, Bill spent two years of active duty with the U.S. Army. After the army, he lost several years as a hippy and aspiring poet and writer.

    He went to work at National Supply Company for 10 years and served as vice president of the local Steelworkers union. He started the Insulated Window Company that he owned and operated for 28 years.

    Bill has been married to “Goddess” Suzanne Houck for 49 years.

  • Susan Kaplan - Sapphire Life Master

    Bid to play: Jun 19 AM & PM

    Susan has played bridge “since forever.” She joined ACBL in 1987 and was still playing Goren.

    Since then, Susan has updated her system and had much success in the past 35 years playing Standard American.

    She joined CLBC in 2022 after moving to Angleton. CLBC is fortunate to have Susan as a regular Game Director.

  • Mack Meigs - Sapphire Life Master

    Bid to play: Jun 19 AM & PM

    Mack Meigs started playing contract bridge his second year of college in 1966. Over the years, he took a few breaks from the game; one was even 10 years long.

    When not playing, Mack never stopped reading Bobby Wolff’s bridge column.

    Mack has long been one of CLBC’s favorite Game Directors.

  • Jim Ochsner - Sapphire Life Master

    Bid to play: Jun 19 AM & PM

    Jim was born and raised in Hastings, Nebraska. He received a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nebraska and worked for Dupont in R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing before retiring in Houston in 2009.

    Jim is a life-long social bridge player beginning with his family and took up duplicate bridge when he retired.

    Jim has served on the CLBC Board and as Club President.

  • Thomas Rush - Sapphire Life Master

    Bid to play in 2024 LSR. And/Or Bid for TWO one-hour sessions for up to four people. See below.

    Thomas is a popular and effective teacher known for his sense of humor.

    His team won the 2019 Grand National Teams in Flight B. Thomas placed on the Barry Crane Top 500 list several years with his highest rank of #124 in 2019 when he earned over 850 Masterpoints.

    He has called Houston home since 1989 and is a past member of the Unit 174 Board of Directors.

    Classes will be given ONLINE and will be tailored to your level. Class Options are:
    Slam Bidding
    Defensive Signaling
    Inverted Minors
    Using Forcing No Trump in a 2/1 System
    Beyond Jacoby Transfers (that is, what do you do
    after you transfer?)
    Developing Extra Tricks as Declarer

  • Marsha Shortt - Diamond Life Master

    Bid to play: Jun 19 AM & PM

    Marsha has been a long-term member of CLBC and has Mentored many of our newer players. All are grateful for her guidance!

    In addition to Mentoring, Marsha has been a Director in Bridge Labs with Dave Glandorf and has provided countless lessons over the years.

  • BK Singh - Sapphire Life Master

    Bid to play: ONLINE/BBO set by Pair.

    BK learned to play bridge in India, when he was 12 years old… his parents and elder brother needed a fourth person to play!

    He was introduced to duplicate bridge only when he joined CLBC in 2001 and was lucky to get Dave Glandorf as his partner/mentor.

    BK has assisted Dave Glandorf in teaching classes and been a much sought-after Mentor.

    Before his retirement in 2009, he worked for United Space Alliance in the Shuttle Avionics Integration Lab at NASA as a Software Manager.

  • Naomi Spicer - Gold Life Master

    Bid to play: June 19th AM

    Naomi has been playing bridge for 30 years. She enjoys playing and making new friends.

    Naomi likes to help, whenever possible, newer players achieve their goals.

    The Longest Day is a perfect time to play with this skilled player!

  • Rick Stell - Diamond Life Master

    Bid to play: Jun 19 AM & PM

    Rick started playing bridge in 1972 and is a founding member of the Clear Lake Bridge Club. His approach is Keep the Bidding Simple (KISS) and focus on the play of the hand and counting spots.

    Rick has given about 10 "well-received" lessons at the Clear Lake Club’s Donuts and Lessons series. He also taught over a dozen private lessons. Rick has won regional top bracket events and even played 81% game at Apple II (Tracy Gee).

    The PM winner will get 45 minutes after the game to do board analysis. If donations are generous enough, Rick will come out of retirement and do a lesson at the club in the future.

  • Don White - Diamond Life Master

    Bid to play: June 19th AM

    Don started playing duplicate bridge 52 years ago.

    His undergraduate degree and career were in Computer Science.

    Don was lucky to have been mentored by nationally and internationally recognized bridge players.

    He moved to Baytown 20 years ago and recently joined Clear Lake Bridge Club. With new member Clif Capen as his regular partner, we welcome them both and hope to see them playing with others at our club. The Longest Day is a great time to start!

  • George Wieland - Sapphire Life Master

    Bid to play: Jun 19 AM & PM

    George is a founding member of Clear Lake Bridge Club. In addition to being a great player, George has assisted Dave Glandorf in teaching a number of classes over the years.

    While George’s skill at the bridge table can be intimidating, he is ALWAYS gracious. The epitome of good sportsmanship, playing either with or against George is a fabulous lesson.

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CLBC is a proud supporter of the Alzheimer's Association and has been a successful Fundraiser participating the ACBL's Longest Day events.  

This year (as in the past), our fundraising is a Silent Auction to play with great players!  In addition to the auction, the table fees for all players on June 19th will be $10.00 per person.  

100% fundraising is contributed to the Alzheimer's Association!

When you pay-to-play with a Star you will have a great time, contribute to a great cause and enjoy a free lunch.  We want to provide the right amount of food for our luncheon...so if you plan to participate in this important event, please sign up at the club.

The Longest Day Team

We are fortunate to have Members who commit time and energy to this important endeavor.

This year our Longest Day Team incudes:

Program Chair and Team Captain

Edna Rice

Committee Members

Tomi Porterfield

Evvie Gilbert

Sherry Scoggins...our President who helps with EVERYTHING!


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