New Life Masters...made it!

  • Doug Lilly

    Life Master!

    Doug began taking bridge classes with Dave Glandorf in 2010 and started playing regular duplicate games in 2012.

    At the 2022 Lone Star Regional, Doug earned Gold Masterpoints and reached Life Master! He was playing a Team Game with Dave Petkus...those Gold points also moved Dave Petkus up to Life Master...what a great day when both you and your Partner 'make it to the top'!

    Says Doug "Special thanks to Shirley Kingsley, Mark Incerto, and Sandi Mills as partners, challengers, and fellow learners on the road. I could not have achieved the milestone if not for these partners and the full membership of CLBC - from top to bottom - who gave me feedback every time we played together. May not be unique to CLBC but true the better players will share with you a gentle 'may I make a suggestion as to how to bid/play this hand.' That is encouraging and if one listens one learns more than when one is talking, whining or whatever."

    Doug has been a regular Volunteer at CLBC. From the informal 'post-game vacuuming service' to Mentoring new players and the now-President, Doug has demonstrated the true spirit of membership...participating and giving.

  • Mark Incerto

    Life Master!

    Like many of the ‘lucky ones’, Mark comes from a card-playing family... but did not begin his Life Master journey until he was introduced to bridge by his father-in-law and CLBC Member, John Taylor.

    Mark achieved Life Master in August 2020 during the Covid Pandemic while playing in the CLBC-GBC Virtual Club in ACBL/BBO’s Stardust Week. Mark was playing with longtime Partner and Friend, Doug Lilly.

    Mark’s first class was in 1987 with a class taught by Elaine Piwitz at the Pasadena Bridge Club. He earned 5 master points before the birth of his first child —and then put bridge on the back burner. Twenty one years later he started back with bridge and classes from Dave Glandorf at CLBC...meeting Doug Lilly and Shirley Kingsley who are regular partners to this day.

    In addition to the support of John Taylor, Dave Glandorf, and loyal partners, Mark feels fortunate to have had great Mentors. His CLBC Mentors Vern Schmidt, Nelson Brown and Mack Meigs each contributed to Mark’s success and enjoyment of bridge.

    And Mark ‘gives back’. Today Mark and Doug manage the CLBC Mentor/Mentee Program. It is so nice to see the Membership who grow up in bridge become the leaders of our bridge community!

    Mark says:
    “I have learned so much from each of my partners and value their friendships. Being a member of the Clear Lake Bridge Club is an important part of my life. It has allowed me to play competitively with my father-in-law, and renew old friendships from my first class back in Barbara Courtright. Thank you to all the members of CLBC and I look forward to  playing with each of you for many more years!”

  • Shirley Kingsley

    Life Master!

    With a little 'pressure' from a friend, Shirley began playing bridge in a church group. Discovering she enjoyed the camaraderie and the game, she decided to take classes with Dave Glandorf...which led to more classes and new friends, Mark Incerto and Doug Lilly.

    From there, Shirley began hosting a Monday night home bridge game to perfect their skills. The group expanded to include Mark, Doug, Karen Jones, Kathryn Nettles, MaryEllen Vail and sprinkled with substitutes. Then Covid came along and the fun was interrupted~

    Their group attended many Tournaments with regular success. Shirley became a Life Master when she reached her Gold Point requirement while playing with Mark Incerto.

    Earning her LifeMaster during Covid, Shirley says:
    "Bridge is a great game and a lifesaver being cooped up with Covid...I enjoy it and all the friendships!"

  • Ken Hudson

    Life Master!

    Ken started playing with his Dad in the 80’s but didn’t get serious until 2011 after he retired from Shell Oil, joined the ACBL and Clear Lake Bridge Club.

    Ken earned his Life Master on 2/10/2021 playing in the CLBC-GBC Virtual Club.

    Ken is a bridge enthusiast who also has 'given back' to our community. He tells us:

    "I made my life master fittingly in the CLBC game playing with Hans Strohmer. It was a good day and finally happy to say I earned my Life Master Award!!

    I have played with many fine partners over the years. Joe Nichols was my first and long time partner. We played most Tuesdays and Thursdays in the 499er game and I would say I earned more points playing with Joe than any other partner. I have also played many games with Nancy Guthrie, Mark Incerto, Shirley Kingsley, Hans Strohmer, Ronnie Martin and Lauri Laufman. For the last 9 months I have been playing regularly with Susan Smith who is always working to improve our game.

    I would also like to thank the Clear Lake Bridge Club community for being so welcoming, encouraging, competitive and really fun to play with and against.

    And finally,I would like to thank all my road trip friends who I traveled with me to play in Gatlinburg, Lake Charles, Dallas, San Antonio, Longview and Las Vegas - those trips were a lot of fun!

    I was fortunate to be elected to the Unit 174 Board in 2017. My first role was the Supply Coordinator, then Vice President and finally Unit President in 2018 - 2019. Serving on the Board was a ton of work and a steep learning curve for a bridge "newbie", but it afforded me the opportunity to meet many Unit 174 members and other bridge players who came to the Unit sponsored tournaments."

  • Jackie King

    Life Master!

    In 2009, while still working, Jackie started learning Bridge in Dave Glandorf's class at CLBC and joined the ACBL. In 2011, Jackie moved to Florida where she continued with classes and playing in the 0-49 game. When they moved back in 2015, Jackie rejoined CLBC.

    Jackie: “I received lots of encouragement over the years from so many members. We have an amazing club and thank you to everyone that have helped me achieve this goal.”

    Life Master achieved 12/19/2020 playing with Lou Bockman in the CLBC-GBC Virtual Club.

    Jackie: “I especially want to thank my first mentor Larry Cossey and his partner Lou Bockman. And of course, my long time partners Rubin Chang, Laura Chandler, Scott Koehler, Ronnie Martin & Madhu Moza.”

  • Gerhard Ohlendorf

    Life Master!

    Gerhard started playing bridge in Germany by reading a book and then playing at home with friends in 1980. His first tournament was played in 1989 in Bremen (Germany). He started playing at CLBC around 2005, becoming an ACBL member in 2007.

    Gerhard: “Bridge gives me the chance to play serious competition with nice people all over the world and sometimes becoming real friends.”

    Life Master status achieved on 11/16/2020 playing with Rose Cleveland in the CLBC-GBC Virtual Club.

    Here are some of the Partners who helped Gerhard achieve LM: Rose Cleveland, Mack & Mark Meigs, Dana & Nelson Brown—and last but not least, in Germany— Gaby Knoll.

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🎉 New Life Masters!

CLBC is so happy to announce our Members who have achieved Life Master status.  This significant achievement reflects a committment to learning the game of bridge, having great partners to slog through the learning phase, and regular playing.  

Kudos to those who made it!  

You can share the excitement by sending a note of congratulations to the New Life Masters...their email address is included with their stories. 

What does it take to be a Life Master?

Beyond the obvious...working to improve your game and having wonderful partners...the ACBL has established the following Masterpoint requirements to achieve Life Master status.  Below reflect the current requirements for all those who joined the ACBL after 2010:

MASTERPOINTS:  Total of 500+ 

  • At least 75 are Black
  • At least 75 are Silver
  • At least 100 are Red/Gold/Platinum, of which 50 or more are Gold/Platinum

             PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!

Check the ACBL website to see the requirements for ACBL Members who joined before 2010:

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