Partner Finder

Regular Partner out of town?  Need a Partner for a specific game?  

Lots of ways to find a Game Partner...some are more work than others. 

We have some 'tools' to streamline the process


💻 FOR TECHies!

Use our Pianola Bridge software...go to Clear Lake's electronic bulletin board showing who needs a Game Partner.

There is a ONE-TIME set up process then the system is as simple as selecting a game.   



Don't like electronics?  In that case, when at the Club, check the Partnership Table.

  • Is there a Partnership Slip for someone looking for a Partner for the Game you want?
  • Create you own Partnership Slip and leave it on the table.



Bring out the CLBC Club Directory~

  • The Directory is updated once a year after Annual Dues are collected.  When Dues are paid on time (by approx Jan 15h), the Directory is updated for all who 're-upped', printed and left on the cabinet underneath the Score Monitor in the main room. They are free to our Membership...take one home.
  • Start calling around~
  • Be sure to pay your Dues to be included in the Directory



Contact our Partnership Chair Sherry Scoggins.

  • [email protected]
  • 832-643-2497
  • We are so HAPPY you are here...and enthusiastically welcome you to your new 'bridge home'!
  • Asking Sherry for help is most suited for NEW Members of the Club who do not yet know anyone and have not established a network of players.
  • Regular/longer term players could notify Sherry they are available if anyone is looking but should not rely on Sherry to set up their Play Dates


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Partnership Chair - Sherry Scoggins

 Contact Sherry when:

You are new to the club and want to be introduced to our players and set up for initial Play Dates

Need advice on setting up Partner Finder...our software tool through Pianola.

Letting Sherry know you are available as a stand-by player for a particular game

Email Sherry

Phone: 832-643-2407

Partner Finder using our automated system

 A full-scale poster is at the club for simplified instructions on using PartnerFinder in Pianola.  A handout is also available at the club.

Sunday Teams

Have a Partner...but not a full team? If you enjoy Team Games and a lovely Sunday afternoon we may be able to help you put together a Team. 

First: Put your Pair on the Team Sign Up Sheet at the club...another Pair may sign up with you.  

Second: Bob Dowlen will try to help out by connecting available partnerships.

Bob is responsive to text let him know you are looking and then follow up when the game gets closer.



Eight is Enough is perfect for Mentor Mentee Pairs! Mentees...invite your Mentor to play!


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