What a great party!

We had a great costume party this year!  LOTS of Members dressed in costume, a parade around the club and 'applause meter' judging!  SO FUN! 

VERA ANNENKOVA takes first place!  

Great job Vera!

Our Hosts! The CLBC Board...and all the goblins who keep the lights on!

Penny Dougherty and Barbara Courtright--ghoulish!

 Karen Jones, Bill Churchman & Joann Pierce...wizards all!

 Penny  Dougherty, Rhonda Bryant, Yvonne Pierce, Laura Chandler & Peggy Naughton...made us all smile!

 Peggy Naughton...Butterfly One

(Katie Gardner was Butterfly Two)


 Rick Stell, Linda Dellsperger & Cindy Cox...Club Witches!


 Millie Perner & Marcia Chambliss...the M & M...umm umm good!

 Johnell McKee, Ronnie Martin & Mary Vaughn...the Beauties & the Beast!

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Setting the tone!

Bobbie Moutz & Johnell McKee

This Dynamic Duo gave us fabulous decor!



Our Members deliver the goods!

What a feast...we ran out of table space!  



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