Quite the send-off

Many showed up to say farewell to Nancy.  After 44 years making Houston her home, Nancy returns to Kentucky. She looks forward to being with family, continuing to play bridge and mahjong and being with some lifetime friends.  We will miss her and wish her well.  And she promises to return for bridge tournaments!



Katie, Darlyn and BK queuing up for a feast! 

Nancy and buddies Katie & Barb. 

 At the table with JD, Joe and Director Charles

Nancy and Jack LaVigne served on the Unit Board and together Chaired all those Tournaments!


Susanna Hudson, although not a bridge player, has been our "go to gal" for many bridge events helping to make those events so successful.  And Sam Khayatt who has known Nancy for years as they volunteered at Tournments and then developing the Units' FLM Program for new players. 

Dave Becker drives in from Corpus Christi to be with us and say a few words about Nancy! 

Nancy and Linda...no teary eyes among these two! 

 Nancy PROMISES she will be back to visit...Cecil and Ronnie witness!

Dave Glandorf who taught bridge to so many of us...observes Nancy's contribution to our community! 

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After many years of service, Nancy Guthrie says goodbye

So much to look forward to!

Nancy cannot wait to get home in Kentucky and share the joy of being in the lives of these 4 little guys!  Auntie Mame is coming to town🎉


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