Join our

 HOLIDAY PARTY on Dec 20th!

The club will provide a ham

We ask each Pair to bring an appetizer, side dish or desert.

If you aren't a with clean up!

November Mentor Mentee Winners

Founding President Nelson Brown

A few of Nelson's thoughts 25 years after the semi-official start of CLBC:

"We have a great community that still thrives in large part due to the small and large volunteer efforts that work so well.  

From the beginning it was all about our volunteers.  Rachel Johnston sent her housekeeper once a month to clean the building and celebrated each holdiay with decorations. Directors were volunteers. Growing through the purchase of the building, volunteers did most of the maintenance including roof repairs, toilet stoppages, tree planting and cleaning. Keeping us spoiled are members who do the shopping for snacks, drinks and bridge supplies.  Our sense of community is sustained by volunteers who manage an array of regular social events celebrating holidays, special programs and rank advancements. As a thriving center for bridge, we modernized along the way with members installing hardware and software that are state-of-the-art. Through it all, introducing new players with successful teaching and special programs including Mentor/Mentee games and monthly 'Breakfast, Bridge and a Lesson'.

Most of the time, members were not asked...they just jumped in and got the jobs done.

And many thanks for members who served on the Board and managed as President.

Choose Houston...OUR Virtual Club!

YES!  We still do have a few Virtual Club games for CHOOSE HOUSTON!  Mainly we offer Evening Games and Mentor Games. These games are hosted by Bridge Club of Houston.  

The ACBL has relaxed the rules of participation so ANYONE can play...invite your out-of-town friends and family!

For our Future Life Masters, we have a game EVERY Tuesday afternoon for those with fewer than 50 Masterpoints.  And on SECOND SATURDAYS we offer a morning game for those with fewer than 20 Masterpoints.  You will need an ACBL # linked to your BBO Account to participate in the games.

Choose Houston vClub Schedule  

Virtual Club Games 

           BBO: "CHOOSE HOUSTON!" 

Open Games Pairs



           Tues, Thurs, & Sat                                           7:00 PM                 


Mentor Games

            1st & 3rd Mondays                                          7:00 PM 


Special Games for Future Life Masters (FLM)

      0-50 CHOOSE HOUSTON FLM Game.  

              Assisted play Tuesdays at 3:05 PM

              Assisted play Second Saturdays at 9:00 AM




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Annual Membership Drive!

Annual Dues collection has started!  Dues will be $25.00 and entitle you to enjoy all the amenities of our great club:  Games 7 days/week, Snacks, Coffee, comfortable playing conditions...and great directors!

Steve Lowenkron will be at the club the week of December 4th to collect Dues...but you can pay any of our Directors before a game.



In Person Games 


Open Pairs

  • M/T/W/F           10:00 AM
  • Thursday           2:00 PM
  • Saturday            1:00 PM

Open Teams 

  • Sunday                1:00 PM

749er Pairs

  • Tues                    10:00 AM
  • Thurs                    2:00 PM

299er Pairs

  • Monday                2:00 PM

199er Pairs

  • Wednesday           2:00 PM





Eight is Enough 

Sunday Teams 

When:  Sunday, Nov 12th


                  (see game setup below)




Mentor Mentee Game 

When:    Nov 15th

               1:30 PM Lunch

               2:10 PM GAME




for Game and Lunch  

Sign up at club






Bridge Lab

Supervised Practice 

When:  TUES & SUN

             2:00 - 5:00


             9:00 - 12:00




F2F Play Requirements - UPDATE

Effective May 8, 2023, CLBC will no longer require Covid Vaccination as a condition for in-person play.  We are making this change in alignment with the ACBL policy.  

THAT SAID, we implore our Members who are ill, running a fever or otherwise "under the weather" to stay away from the club until they are symptom free. None of us want to be exposed to colds, flu or other communicable conditions...please be considerate of others!

8 is Enough Team Game…great for Mentee/Mentors!


Eight is Enough Team Game!

 Get your Teams together using the below format


All players are assigned a number 1, 2, or 3 depending on their masterpoint level:


Level 1  

       Players with less than 750 mps

Level 2  

       Players with 750 to 2000 mps

Level 3  

       Players with over 2000 mps

  • No team can have more than 8 points for members on their team.
  • If two players are designated as ‘3,’ both of their teammates would have to be designated a ‘1’ to keep the total below eight.
  • A '1' and a '3' could play with two '2s'.
  • Or four players who are all ‘2’ could be on the same team.
  • It's okay for a team to total less than eight, but not more.


Happenings at the Club😁

Mentor-Mentee Games 

3rd Wed afternoon of each month

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