May 2022

Terrance Harris and Ramesh Khatri - First Place!


Jim Moore and Mentor Ken McAllister - SECOND PLACE! 

April 2022

Ken McAllister and Mentee Jim Moore:  FIRST PLACE!


Mark Incerto and Mentee Susan Hanna:  SECOND PLACE!

March 2022

Myrna Dorman and Mentee Lynn Hershey:  FIRST PLACE!



Mike Goldberg and Mentee Klass Tadema

 Ken Baker and Mentee Ruth Gilman


January 2022

Rick Stell & Mentee Marcia Chambliss:  FIRST Place


Dave Bradt & Mentee Mike Cowan:  SECOND Place

Dec 2021

Dave Bradt & Mentee Mike Cowan:  FIRST PLACE


Carolyn Labouliere & Mentee Mike Hanna:  SECOND PLACE

Sept 2021

Jim Ochsner & Mentee Mary Vaughn: FIRST PLACE


Marsha Shortt & Mentee Joe Rogers: SECOND PLACE



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Mentor - Mentee Games

The Mentor-Mentee Game is one of our most popular events!  Mentees are so appreciative of the Time & Teaching from the Mentors.  Our Hospitality Committee always arranges a lovely Pregame Luncheon.  And our Open Game/Long time Members get to know our NonLife Masters/Newer Members.

This Invitation-Only event is managed by Marcia Chambliss.  If you have an interest in "joining the party!', please email Marcia by clicking here: [email protected]





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