Big Games!

  • Big Game Scorers

    Please let us know when you have a Big Game so we can share your fun!

    We will follow the ACBL Guidelines for Big Games which require:
    1...75% or higher score
    2...At least 20 Boards played with a min of 5 tables
    3...Must be an Open Game

    AND...send news of your Big Game to the ACBL to have your score reported in the Bridge Bulletin. See the instruction box to the right.

  • Rick Stell & Mike Novack

    GAME: 7/29/2022 at Apple Club


    Rick and his partner Mike hit the stratosphere with their game!

    If you don’t know: the Apple Club is famous for it’s large and powerful games. Houston’s strongest players are frequently at the Apple Club.

    🎉🎉 KUDO’s to Rick and Mike! 🎉🎉

  • Mark Meigs & Cindy Cox

    Game: CLBC-GBC. 2/14/2021

    Mark Meigs was Mentoring CIndy Cox on Sunday, February 14th in the CLBC-GBC Virtual Club when they had a 76.79% Game.

    Cindy has this to say about our beloved Mark, who passed away on April 24th. “Mark was a wonderfully supportive Mentor and great guy. I miss him terribly and wish he had made it back to the Club to play. I hope he is playing bridge in heaven, and all his games are Big Games now.”

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🎉 It's so much fun to have a Big Game!  And all our Member share your it to the ACBL and get your names published in the Bridge Bulletin.  Maybe we will never be our own great Gail Wells but we can still have a very good game!

Report your game to:

[email protected]


ACBL 'Big Game' Criteria

  • The score must be 75% or higher in a club matchpoint game
  • It must be an open non-restricted club game. A game limited by master points or a country club game restricted by membership, or a cruise game do not count.
  • The game must have at least five tables with a least 20 boards in play
  • Both players must be ACBL members in good standing and current on their dues
  • A game recap must accompany the report either via email or an online link to where the game results are posted


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